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Message from the Camino

mony-caminoMany pilgrims walk the Camino in northern Spain searching for something, even if it's just a simple adventure. I began to wonder: if the Camino could speak to us, what would it say? What message would it offer us? This is what I felt it said to me:

"Step lightly and with reverence, for you walk on paths forged by sacrifice, devotion and love. You are not merely stepping onto sacred ground, but into what is sacred within you. Treat both delicately.

Taste of my abundance. Dwell in my magic places. Drink of my beauty. They are all freely shared, and reside within you too.

Leave your sorrows and travails with me, so that the flames of my sword may unleash their hidden light. But don't forget to also leave me your joys and triumphs, for they are my nourishment too.

The sacred in you resides in me also. That is because we are created by the same hand. No separation exists between us. My imprint on your heart is as binding as your imprint on mine.

I speak more to your heart and soul, and less to your mind. I am the worker of miracles. I lead you to the most unexpected places, places that feel both familiar and unrecognizable. I lead you to the greatest treasure, the one that you were carrying with you all along."

May the spirit of the Camino accompany all pilgrims.

¡Buen Camino!


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