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Soul-Portrait SKETCH for WEB 3
If you could see the beauty and perfection of your Soul, what would that look like?

If you could capture those virtues and aspects of yourself that you too easily dismiss or undervalue, what would they look like?

Could this new vision of yourself bring about healing?

An awakening?

Can you see how this awareness will serve you in your journey?

What is a Soul-Portrait?

From infancy, we are taught to be more than what we are, when in fact, we already are so much more than we can possibly imagine. We are Love, beauty, goodness, power, joy, harmony... but when we look in the mirror, we are more likely to see our supposed defects (what we don't like) than our virtues and, all too often, our innate beauty and perfection go unnoticed.

Our Soul-portrait reminds us of who we really are, and physically shows us our marvelous essence. It invites us to raise our perspectives of who we are, and to appreciate our life and purpose in a way that is authentic and conscious. In so doing, we raise ourselves and the world.

With our Soul-portrait, we more easily align with our greatest treasure: the God that resides within us, our true Divine Self.


How Alberto creates a Soul-Portrait

Soul-Portrait Full DETAIL for WEBBefore beginning each portrait, I meditate, opening myself up to inspiration. I try to connect with the Higher Self of that individual, that part that has lived other lives in this, or parallel, dimensions, and that, from its more expanded and loving perspective, is always ready to guide the individual in his/her life adventure.

I try to see with the eyes of my heart, of my soul, to capture their energy and perceive the images and vibrations that wish to be conveyed through me at this moment to the human personality that embodies them.

The Soul-portrait that emerges does not claim to be THE definitive and only view of this immense and eternal dimension of the individual. It may not even necessarily physically look like the person. Some portraits may be more abstract, others more realistic. Some may represent several virtues of the soul, while others only those virtues that that most seek to be expressed at this moment. Our Soul is so much grander than any one work of art could ever express.

I believe these portraits can be an invaluable tool in our personal journeys, for they show us a part of ourselves that we normally disregard or don't take sufficiently into account.

About Alberto Agraso

The Wizard Soul Portrait by Alberto AgrasoMy paintings and other artistic creations have always dealt with the theme of the soul's journey towards understanding, towards mastery, and its process of evolution and transformation into Light and Love.

Now, I find myself inspired to express something more personal; a more intimate vision of that divine essence which resides in every person. I am excited by the prospect of sharing this vision with others.

I am also the international award-winning co-author of "Walking for Peace, an inner journey" (spiritual memoir of my 5000-kilometre, 13-month, 13-country pilgrimage for peace); of "I am Happy", a children's tale I illustrated and wrote with my partner Mony Dojeiji; and "The Call", a book of meditation showcasing my spiritually-based paintings.    

Order a Personalized Soul-Portrait

If you would like to order a portrait, or receive more information, please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

I also do commissioned work for any ideas that seek to inspire and uplift, or that are related to spirituality and the personal quest (healing, life after death, reincarnation, angels, ETs, etc.). Please contact me directly with your ideas.

Below is a video of the process that evolved into creating "Amina", the Soul-portrait of my wife and companion in life and all its adventures Mony Dojeiji, along with other paintings of the soul I have done over the years.


More Examples of Soul-Portraits and Sketches HERE.



Alberto Soul Portraits FOR WEB2




Visualization Soul Portrait by Alberto Agraso

Visualization, Acrylic on canvas, 2010





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