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The Drew Marshall Show - Joy Radio, Toronto  

A live, 35-minute in-studio interview with Drew Marshall, speaking about pilgrimage.

First Unitarian Church - presentation by Mony and Alberto to congregation 

In this live, one-hour presentation with Q&A, Mony and Alberto share the story of their 5000-km pilgrimage for peace 

Own Your Creativity

A 30-minute podcast in March 2016 with host Elizabeth Johnston.


Activating Compassion Radio with Jesse Ann 

A 60-minute interview in May 2015 with host Jesse Ann Nichols George. We are introduced at minute 22:50 to begin our conversation.


Ontario Today on CBC Radio

This 3-minute clip from a call that I made to this show was chosen as Call of the Day in Nov. 2014! The topic was "traveling with a stranger, how did that work out for you?"   

Authenticity Radio with Slade Suiter

 A 40-minute INTERVIEW with host Slade Suiter about our pilgrimages on the Camino and to Jerusalem, and how they have changed our lives.


The Tazz and Paula Show

A one-hour PODCAST with hosts Tazz and Paula, from Cupertino (California) about our journey for peace. 

Popular Self Help Internet Radio with tazzandpaula on BlogTalkRadio

iPilgrim Podcasts 

A one-hour PODCAST abour our pilgrimages with host Deborah Schaben and Sandy Garyazar.    


Dialogue with Diversity on CHIN Radio

A 30-minute live radio INTERVIEW with host Dr. Qais Ghanem in the CHIN studio in Ottawa. 





Own Your Creativity 

A 30-minute podcast in March

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