Walking for Peace, an inner journey

Walking for Peace, an inner journey WINNER

    The course of one's life never unfolds quite as we imagine it would. While traveling to gain perspective on her life, Mony, a Lebanese-Canadian woman, feels called to walk an ancient path known as the Way of the Soul. She wavers, allowing her fears to drown out her heart's yearning. Until 9/11.

    Fate orchestrates all the necessary preparations, including an unexpected companion named Alberto, an Andalusian mystic whose ideas would challenge every preconceived notion Mony holds about peace, life and love. Their 13-month, 5000-kilometer odyssey across 13 countries would lead them physically to Jerusalem, but more importantly, to what was perhaps the intended destination all along: their true selves.

    This remarkable true story reminds us that it's never too late to listen to our hearts, that omens appear to guide us in our journeys, and that following both will lead us to realize our dreams and fulfill our destinies.


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Awards and Recognition

WFP All Awards (WEB)


* Winner, 2013 Latino Books into Movies Awards, Action/Adventure

Second Place, 15th Annual International Latino Book Awards, Best Biography

* Second Place, 15th Annual International Latino Book Awards, Spirituality/New age

* Winner, Global Ebook Awards, Action/Adventure

* Finalist, Global Ebook Awards, New Age

* Honorable Mention, Global Ebook Awards, Religion/Faith

* Finalist, Global Ebook Awards, Adventure 


Book Information

Paperback: 294 pages

Publisher: Walking for Peace Publishing (January 1, 2013)

Distributor: INGRAM (http://www.ingramcontent.com)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0987876228

ISBN-13: 978-0-9878762-2-5

Book Dimensions: 22.6 x 15 x 2.3 cm (9 x 6 x 0.9 inches)

Shipping Weight: 436 g (15.4 ounces) 


Independent Reviews

BeachBoundBooks "...Their fascinating story is written from the heart and I often felt drawn into their quest. I too learned much from their experiences which forced me to look within my own heart and discover what I could do to make a difference as well." Read the full review by Stacie Theis at http://www.beachboundbooks.com/blogging-about-books/waking-for-peace-by-mony-dojeiji-alberto-agraso-book-review.

New Consciousness Review "...It about so much more than a mere physical journey. It is a tale about the spiritual evolution of two ordinary people who are striving for the extraordinary...what I noticed right away as I read Walking for Peace was how much I could truly relate to both Mony and Alberto. They are both human, yet they are also trying to be more in a world that is not yet quite ready for them. I believe that their honesty, their authenticity, their ability to admit their faults was what endeared them to not only the people they met on their journey but the reader as well. It was so refreshing to read about people who are struggling with a lot of the same things any person on the spiritual path struggles with. I found myself crying and laughing and rooting them on every step of their journey just as if I was taking it with them." Read the full review at http://www.ncreview.com/self-help/walking-for-peace-an-inner-journey. 

Kirkus: "Dojeiji and Agraso take readers through the story of their fascinating pilgrimage while offering a glimpse of their unique spiritual, physical and emotional journey...An intriguing story that colorfully illustrates one couple's spiritual journey and the path we all must take to find our way." This is their full review.

Midwest Book Reviews: "Sometimes books come along that speak to us, do more than entertain, Walking for Peace, An Inner Journey is one of them. Most of us have times when people don't understand our choices, try to force their beliefs upon us, try to hold us back from our path, believe our joy disrespectful, and insist on cold, formal rituals, or the so-called "safe" road. We try to hear our quiet voice but are afraid because we don't trust it. Mony and Alberto take the road less traveled and at the end find themselves better people. Highly recommended. Poignant. Memorable. Life-changing. Beautiful." Click HERE for the full review.

Blogcritics.org: "I was truly moved by their pilgrimage. It is so honest and authentic that it moved me to tears. But more than that, I was spellbound and couldn't put the book down. It grabbed my heart from the first page until I read the last word on the last page. And I am sure that the reader will have a similar experience of closeness and intimacy with the authors." The full review is HERE.

Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards: "Walking for Peace truly lives up to its subtitle: An Inner Journey. Mony and Alberto, two friends who decide to set off an incredible adventure together, encounter everything they might have expected and a whole lot more during the 13-months they spent together traveling (one foot after the other) from Rome to Jerusalem. Whereas the physical journey presented many challenges (I want to say, only half-jokingly, think Lord Of The Rings!), it is the growing intimacy and general respect between the two, as well as all the strangers they met along the way, that is the heart of this story. Mony sets out on a "walk for peace" and in the end, peace within her own being is what she discovers. Mission accomplished! Overall, Walking for Peace is an extremely well written story and obviously deserving of the awards it has received to date. Additionally, the cover art is terrific."


What Readers are Saying

"Not what I expected, but much more than I hoped...Sometimes in life you get much more than you were expecting, rarely, but this book is a good example...This is a true story and has everything you would expect in a Hollywood blockbuster. It's a book about rebellion, a book about noble pursuits, it has sadness, happiness, delight, death, romance and adventure." Read the full Amazon review here

Eoghan Odinsson, Award winning author of "Northern Lore"

"Your book is really staying with me, which for me makes all the difference in a book, especially a book like yours. I think you did an amazing job of capturing your personal journey in a way that makes other people question deeply for themselves – which is of course what I think you were trying to do!"

Sara Brown Crowder, Author "HouseHeal", Toronto, Canada

"I finished your wonderful book last night. I had forced myself to take my time reading it because it was so fascinating that I was tempted to speed through it. What a marvelous gift you and Alberto Agraso González have given us pilgrims. Your honesty and courage give me strength for my own journey. You are a blessing to the world. Thank you!"

Kris, Sacramento, USA

"This is a beautiful, spiritual book that also happens to contain some of the most lovely travel writing I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Highly recommended." Full review HERE.

Sharon Cathcart, Goodreads

"In a world in which peace is often defined in terms of war, this book represents a feasible alternative for achieving what millions of people are desperately looking for. But peace is more than the absence of conflict, isn't it? Does it need to be somehow protected? If so, from what enemy?

If you wonder what role you can play in creating a lasting peace, look within and see what's going on inside. Then, pose the kind of questions the authors asked themselves before they embarked on their 5000 kilometers journey. The irony is that you are probably working for peace already. Are you willing to discover it?"

Juan Jose, Cadiz, Spain

 "Walking for Peace is a story of THE epic journey, the one to self. Written with integrity and honesty it offers a privileged insight into the writers very personal confrontation with herself. For anyone who perceives there is a path, but lacks the courage to take the first step, this story is a worthy travel companion. It is an honour to walk this part of the way with you."

Lisa Mahoney, Australia

"This is a complex tale with many messages intertwined in the pages; the final message unconditional love will conquer all."  Full review here.

Susanna Mahoney, Goodreads

"I just finished reading "Walking for Peace" and really enjoyed it. The authors showed so much courage on this 13-month Walk for Peace and in writing about it so candidly. This book will be of interest to anyone who is on some sort of a spiritual quest. I found the book very inspiring on a personal level and enjoyed coming along on this life-changing experience..."

Susanne, Toronto, Canada

"I want to say thank you for writing Walking for Peace...It was a page-turner! Definitely an inner journey!...Actually, I am thinking, what a great movie your book would make, really!!"

Caroline, Ottawa, Canada

"Received this book over Christmas. What a gift it was to read! Very touching, interesting and thought provoking. The highlight of the season for me. Perfect for anyone on a spritiual path, as well as anyone with an interest in travel and learning about different cultures. A fabulous blend. Highly recommend it!"

Cheri, Washington, USA

"...This 13 month spiritual and physical adventure was captivating and rewarding to read. I especially appreciated the candor in revealing all sides of the journey and not just the positive aspects. A heart-warming account of two souls on the path to inner wisdom and towards each other."

Jurgen, Ottawa, Canada

"I have bought your book and couldn't put it down! What a wonderful book it is. You can be sure that I will recommend it to everyone I can think of! Your writing skills are so good that I was actually there with you both; suffering with Mony those awful blisters and painful shins......! It is a book I shall read many times. So wonderful to see how you were guided and led. What enormous soul-growth!! ... The sharing of your inner struggles and how you worked through them willl inspire many people, I'm sure."

Pat, Stoney Creek, Canada














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